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BG Films Discovery Call


Step One

This is where we at BG Films learn more about you, your business and what your priorities/goals are. We then take this information and formulate a custom content plan dedicated to your desired brand.


Step Two

In this call we will breakdown two of our main offerings, the "Story-Based Social First" package and our "Brand Development" package. Depending on your brand, goals and budget we will choose one specific package and begin to tailor it towards your company.

BG Films Offering Breakdown Call
BG Films Upgrade Page


Step Three

This is when the fun begins. Regardless of what package you choose we'll take the first month to properly deep dive into a dedicated strategy. Then we being execution and elevation of your brand. This is when upgrades begin.


Step Four

Whether it be custom video templates for you to use on your own accord, or a completely revamped company handbook we will be going much, much further than the typical creative agency with our custom 3-6 month packages. (Bonus: Ask us about our platnium upgrade where you can get a custom 30 second full production digital commercial for your company).

BG Films Upgrade Page
BG Films Upgrade Page


Step Five

At this point we consider you family and family doesn’t simply move on after one transaction. We will give you exclusive access to our monthly BG Films community call, where we have several clients who have gone through their respective programs + still have specific questions about their content. It is where our team collaborates and brainstorms with each other to figure out the best answer for the day to day content.